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Roasters pay back to coffee community.

It is always an honour to pay back to our coffee communities that laboured hard in growing, harvesting and taking part in processing at primary level. Without them it would have been not possible to have our coffees.

As our certified coffee comes from three villages we work hand-in-hand with these farmers and engage ourselves in providing training and supplying seedlings, composts and other materials so that the sustainability is maintained at all times.

Our coffee buyers are also showing interest to work with us to help the farmers lives are improved so that we are taking with them as what to be done in the future.

Of those interested, the company came forward as a pioneer from USA is Messenger Coffee Company who buys our coffee for many years through Catalyst Trade (in the past through Dominion trading).

In collaboration with Catalyst Trade and Messenger coffee company we distributed school supply to six schools from Bombe, Shantawene and Keramo kebeles. The ceremony took place at one of Shanatawene schools with a presence of Heads of Education department, district security department from Bensa. It was presented by Nick from Messenger Coffee company who made a remarkable speech later on promising that his company will continue to support the community even by increasing the percentage of cents raised against each cup of coffee from this community sold.

Thank you Nick! Thank you Catalyst Trade!

We are proud of our coffee communities, Thank you all!

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