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A Deputy CEO’s Insight on the pre-harvesting preparations and ongoing projects: From Kenean Dukamo.

We set off on an exciting journey to visit a coffee farm and explore washing stations early in the morning. We arrived at Hawassa, a picturesque place in Ethiopia, after catching the first flight and were ready to kick off our coffee adventure.

But first, we grabbed a cup of coffee at Dukamo Hawassa, a specialty coffee shop established with the intention of being the last step to get good coffee before heading deep into the rurals of the south. Despite the rainy weather that led to a wet start, it was no match for our eagerness to explore the beautiful city of Bensa, Sidama and continued the rest of the trip by car.

As we ventured into the coffee fields, it was clear that the coffee harvest in Bensa was just getting started. The lowland areas like Aleta Wendo, Aroresa, and Chire in Sidama had started their harvest two weeks ago, with a decent volume of coffee cherries ready to be picked. These coffee cherries were priced between 30 to 38 Ethiopian Birr. This region mostly produces Grade 2 coffees.

On the flip side of Sidama, areas like Bensa, Bura, Arbegona, and Bona were gearing up for their coffee harvest. These regions are widely famous for producing G1 specialty coffee, and some of the best in the world. In these areas, We are opening a washing station in mid-November. While exploring Bensa, we had the chance to visit two stations that were getting ready to open, giving us a behind-the-scenes look at the station opening process. Additionally, we explored our new coffee lodge project, which will soon be ready to host our coffee friends from around the world.

Our journey also took us to our Bensa head office, where we met with the team to discuss the progress of the coffee harvest in the lowland areas. We also made preparations for the upcoming highland area harvest and discussed our plans for implementing the new EU deforestation regulation, which we'll dive into in more detail in our upcoming blogs.

This day was an exploration of our coffee production progress, from witnessing the various stages of the harvest to understanding the unique qualities of coffee from different regions. Stay tuned for more insights on the EU deforestation regulation in our future blogs!

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