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Wondo Dukamo Daye Bensa


Grown by the various small holder producers in the Aleta Wondo region at 1,950 - 2000 meters. Located in a fertile and forested area near Lake Abaya in the upper Gidabo River basin, not far from the sources of the Ganale Dorya and Dawa Rivers in the Aleta Wendo Zone of the Sidama Regional State.


Red Cherries are going to be floated so unripe cherries and dirt could be removed. Then the cherries are going to be depulped in a machinery and transferred to fermentation tanks. Depending on the weather the pulped beans are going to stay in the tanks from 24-36 hours. This process helps to detach the mucilage surrounding the beans. Then it is going to be washed on the tunnels with almost drinkable clean water. After the mucilage is cleaned the beans are transferred into raised African beds to dry. 

At the drying beds the cherries will be rotated for even dryness. And will be stored when they reach the desired moisture level.

  • Elevation - 1900 – 2000 Meters

  • Climate - Sunny, Surrounded by Vegetation

  • Processing Method: Washed

  • Harvest Month: Dec-Feb

  • Farmers Contributed: 1022

  • Variety - 74110


Gudumale Building, Rooms 101-105,
Gerji-Salitemiret Road, Jakros Area,

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia





+251 116 675552

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