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Tej Daye Bensa


Shantawene Buncho is a station found adjacent to Gatta Farm and a mesmerizing waterfall. Sourcing coffees from the farm and nearby farmers, It processes red cherries with Washed, Honey, Natural and Anaerobic Processing using Panagos Eco-Friendly depulper. 

Tej Fermentation is a process in which Red Cherries are fermented in a controlled environment with a local beverage called Tej. Tej is  is a honey wine, that is brewed and consumed in Ethiopia. It has an alcohol content generally ranging from 7 to 11%. It is often home processed and consists of three main ingredients; honey, water and a medicinal shrub called Rhamnus prinoides commonly as Gesho. 

After red cherries are selected and put in fermentation barrels, the tej is added to the desired amount and sealed  for a specified amount of time,(which is 4 days for this lot). Then after the desired fermentation is met, the cherries are transferred to African beds to dry evenly in a monitored environment. The cupping profile is sweet and fruity coffee, with exceptionally intense and complex flavors due to the fermentation agent and the origin of the coffee. The aftertaste is very soft, pleasant and long-lasting.​

  • Elevation - 1920 – 2020msi

  • Climate - Sunny, Surrounded by Vegetation

  • Region: Sidama/ Bensa / Bombe and Shantawene Village

  • Processing Method: Natural and Washed, Honey and Anaerobic

  • Processing Stations: Buncho

  • Station Owner/Producer: Asefa Dukamo Korma

  • Harvest Month: Dec-Feb

  • Variety - 74158


Gudumale Building, Rooms 101-105,
Gerji-Salitemiret Road, Jakros Area,

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia





+251 116 675552

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