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Shantawene Village Farmers


Gudumale Building, Rooms 101-105,
Gerji-Salitemiret Road, Jakros Area,

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia





+251 116 675552

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How long: 10 years since he started planting coffee, Member since 2017

Size of Land: Owns 1 Hectare

Harvest: He estimates 2000kgs, 1400kgs been supplied so far

Family: Has 7 children, Oldest being an 8th grader

Achievements: Planning to build a house
"I love kids because I was an orphan, I have always wanted to have a family of my own, thats why I have many kids at a young age. Everything I do is for them"

Daniso Debesa

(Shantawene Village)

How Long: 7 year he started planning coffee, Member since 2017 

Size of Land: Owns 2 hectares. Harvest: Estimated 3000kgs this year, Harvested 2000kgs so far

Family: Has 8 kids, 3 are working and 5 learning

Achievements: Educating the kids is the main expense, and this year he is planning to build a house

Baraso Adela

(Shantawene Village)

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