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Egata Beshu Daye Bensa

Egata Beshu is one of the producer that work with Daye Bensa from Bona. Bona (Bona Zuria) is one of 30 district in Sidama. The altitude of Bona is around 2,200m above sea level and located at the highest altitude among other coffee-growing areas in the country.

 The coffee available in this area is categorized as Highland Coffee.


  • Elevation - 1920 – 2330 MASL

  • Climate - Sunny, Surrounded by Vegetation

  • Region: Sidama/ Bensa / Bona Village

  • Processing Method: Natural, Washed & Anaerobic

  • Processing Stations: Bona

  • Station Owner/Producer: Egata BeshU

  • Harvest Month: Dec-Feb

  • Variety - 74158


Gudumale Building, Rooms 101-105,
Gerji-Salitemiret Road, Jakros Area,

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia





+251 116 675552

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