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Bombe Village Farmers


Gudumale Building, Rooms 101-105,
Gerji-Salitemiret Road, Jakros Area,

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia





+251 116 675552

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How Long: 12 years since he started planting coffees, 3 years since he registered to Daye Bensa

Size of Land: 4 Hectares of farm land

Harvest: 4000kgs of Red Cherries are harvested

Family: Has 8 Kids – and one of them made him a grandparent

Achievements: Education and sustaining his family is the major expense
He built a house, and grateful for the coffee business

Worku Wesha

(Bombe Village)

How Long: 20 years since he started planning coffees, 3 years since he registered to Daye Bensa

Size of Land: Own 2 Hectares of farm land 

Harvest: Harvested 1200kgs previous year, This year 2000kgs been harvested until 27/12/2020. Forecasting to 3000kgs

Family: Has 5 Kids, First born is 4th grader

Achievements: Preparation to build a House
"Last Year was less production, Hoping for better harvest this year"

Fantaye Fereja

(Bombe Village)

How Long: 27 years since they started planting coffees, 4 years since they became members
Tarekegn Is a government worker who works for Trade and Industry Ministry
Size of Land: Owns 3 Hectares of land
Harvest: 4000kgs Average Harvest Yearly
3000kgs already harvested, 6000kgs estimated
Family: 10 kids, 8 of them their own and 2 adopted
1 child is in a poly technique school,1 child studying animal science about to graduate on Feb called Tadele Tarekegn
1 child studying accounting and 2 years remaining to graduate in Hawassa
3 children are in the University
Achievements: Tarekegn is known for teaching all coffee harvesting and plantation to the nearby people, preparing seedling, Influencing

Adanech Guduro & Tarekegn Kayemo

(Bombe Village)

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