It all started with two coffee producers brothers ,

ASEFA and MULUGETA DUKAMO  from Bensa Sidama area. Now DAYE BENSA Coffee is one of major coffee exporting companies in Ethiopia exporting green coffee directly from its own farms and farms of affiliated farmers.We export various coffee from all coffee regions of different grades from conventional to speciality with more than 20 years in the coffee business

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Sourced From

Direct trade with Reliable supply chain

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Washing Stations

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Member Farmers 

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6 Dry Mills 

Our Coffee

Each coffee has an unique cup profile and scores 88+, is fully traceable

Those are coffees that score 86-88, fully traceable and usually used as single origins. This is our small to mid-size farm.

a single origin or as an outstanding blending base, scoring 80 to 86.

sourced and prepared carefully with high volume

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 Trusted to EXPORT

30K Tons



Exporting to 






years in the coffee business

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