Opening and prepping for harvest during a pandemic

Ethiopian Coffee harvest 2020/2021 season is here!

This is one of the most special times here and we are very much excited.

Although it looks different this year, with the pandemic continuing to be a challenge to the

operation, we are nonetheless thrilled about what is happening at Daye Bensa.

As part of our initiative to combat this virus and to continue to care for the wellbeing of our

community; We handed out 70,000 masks in early August to essential workers and our farm


We have also placed strict sanitary guidelines at all our stations to ensure that we are able to

create a safe covid environment for everyone — Spreading awareness across all our stations

and reminding our farmers to wash their hands before picking or processing coffees.

As the harvest continues, our aim is to closely monitor the progression of the current situation

and to ensure the safety of our farmers.

Our African beds and mills get rebuilt every harvest. Since last year’s harvest arrived in the

midst of our reconstruction, we made sure that it has been taken care of well in advance this