Coffee Farmers’ Day Celebrated

Daye Bensa coffee out growers' day June 29 2019

Producing Specialty and Certified Coffee

Coffee Export has been working with 667 out-grower farmers from three localities called Shantawene, Bombe and Keramo for certifying their farms along with our farm as organic (NOP, EU and JAS), Café Practice, UTZ and Rainforest Alliance in SidamaAll coffee were audited and prepared the standards set to meet the above certifications and they are prepared as the specialty coffee shining across the globe.

As it is our commitment to help in improving the lives of our coffee always engage ourselves in providing trainings on good practices of farming in with local expertise from Coffee and Tea Authority and other coffee buyers like the Starbucks. We also supply coffee seeds of varieties which are suitable for the soils of the region and organic composts from coffee pulps.

Celebration Day

On June 29, 2019 we celebrated coffee farmers’ day in Bensa in the presence of Ato Fikru from Ethiopian Coffee and Tea Authority, Ato Behailu W/Senbet, a country manager for Starbucks and Ato Zelalem Girma Bayu of Catalyst Trade. Local government officials from Bensa and the surrounding districts were also and participated in handing the farmers with prizes.

Ato Asefa Dukamo, Owner and Managing Director of Daye Bensa Coffee Export, made an opening speech addressing more than one thousand people who joined us to celebrate a big day, with appreciation and thanking everyone who contributed towards the success of his company. He mainly thanked member farmers who followed strict procedures in supplying quality we had to face internal challenges and that of low coffee price globally. He said, he is so that our coffee will pay everybody back as long as we work hard and stick together towards sustainability. He called upon nonmember farmers to join us so that more coffee will be produced with no compromises on quality.

Ato Fikru of Coffee and Tea Authority has also addressed the participants with words of encouragement and with a clarification of a new law that created a platform for farmers to have direct and vertical integration with exporters like Daye Bensa Coffee, to ensure traceability and sustainability are maintained at all times for better result and income.