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Winner as Grower, Supplier and Exporter

  • Kenean A. Dukamo- 2nd Place winner of Cup of Excellence 2022 Ethiopia

  • Asefa Dukamo- Top coffee supplier from the Sidama Region

  • Daye Bensa Coffee- 5th largest green coffee exporter of Ethiopia

Fig 1: Daye Bensa Coffee's CEO, Cofounder, Deputy Manager and Export Manager after the awards

Daye Bensa Coffee Export PLC. has been growing and shining for a while now. Its growth is being reflected at different stages so that our coffee is recognized – and loved – by a growing global audience. While we entered a new Ethiopian year even before we started the season’s harvest, we couldn’t stop smiling and celebrating the achievements we have made as a coffee family.

We would like to thank everyone whose hands, hearts, and souls have been engaged in the company, from the farm all the way up to the level of export. The leadership of our management, which included brilliant, farsighted visions and an improved way of doing things, led us to these new heights and has us striving further still to prove that we can do even better.

Kenean Dukamo’s coffee won a presidential award by ranking second at the Cup of Excellence - Ethiopia 2022 competition with a score point of 90.25 and is a clear sign to how much we focus on quality. We congratulate Kenean, a talented young leader in our team, for his fantastic achievement.

Fig 2: Kenean Dukamo receiving his award cheque from Ethiopian President SahleWork Zewde

Asefa Dukamo Korma, CEO and one of the founders of Daye Bensa Coffee, operates as a supplier in the Sidama region. He owns more than a dozen washing stations in addition to running large farms in the Keffa zone of Ethiopia’s South Western region. This year, Asefa was named the top coffee supplier to the central market from the region. It is a clear indicator that Daye Bensa Coffee has not only strong foundations but a sustainable supply chain as well. We congratulate Asefa for this amazing feat and thank him for being a dependable rock to our business.

Finally, Daye Bensa stood fast in delivering quality coffee to the global market, leveraging between farmers and importers/roasters. We finished this year in the fifth position, despite a significant impact on our output due to various global challenges such as a lack of containers and problems with shipping lines.

Fig 4: Fig 3: Mr. Assefa Dukamo receiving a medal for being a top supplier Nevertheless, the Ethiopian government acknowledged our steadfast performance and we received our award medal from the hands of EFDR president, W/ro Sahlework Zewdie herself. We are proud of ourselves and we would like to give special thanks to our staff members who work diligently day and night to ensure every standard set is met. We would also like to thank the business partners who import coffee from us; here’s to a long lasting relationship!

We speak coffee language, how about you?

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