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Daye Bensa Coffee Farm

Our farm is located at the heart of Shantawene Village with in 10km from Daye town in the midst of natural forest and indigenous tress which are expected to be older than 200 years.
The farm is at the reachable distance to out-growers in Bombe, Shantawene and Keramo villages. It is surround by rivers one of them separating Shantawene from Bombe  which runs from the hills above Karamo. To maintain natural shades and the fertility of the soil with consultancy of expertise from the ministry of agriculture various shade trees are planted in the farm.
Along with out-growers’ farms it is verified as Organic, C.A.F.E PRACTICE , UTZ and Rain Forest Alliances.

Asefa Dukamo Farms

Under the name of the owner and General Manager of our company, Asefa Dukamo we have a farm in Keramo village in Bensa and one more large farm in Kaffa region. Apart from getting coffee from these farms it gives an opportunity to work with small coffee farm holders to reach out the community in helping them in maintaining, expanding and in providing training in addition to the provision of financial and technical support.

Farm: About
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