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Who We are

started with two coffee producers brothers

Being a child of coffee growing family Asefa used to help his parents in cultivating coffee and other garden crops as all other villagers do but the burden on him was heavy being the first son of his parents.

When he became a teenager he started to do small but many jobs including shoe polishing outside school times which later on progressed to become a coffee supplier to washing stations buying coffee cherries from near by relatives and villagers in addition to coffee from parents garden. By the time he was doing this business there were limited number of washing stations in the area and he had to travel long distances to find a market for his coffee. This was a birth of his dream to become the owner of a washing station if he can help coffee farmers nearby in cutting short their travel time, cost of transportation and of course coffee cherries to be supplies as they are fresh.

His dream became a reality by setting up his first ever washing station in Girja village, less than a mile from his parents’ house with other co-founders holding a major share in 1997 and another washing station in Eltama 30kms away from Girja a year after.

Moving towards the heart of coffee land where he already started living and working after making a family in Daye town in Bensa district he set up a mother washing station called Qonqana (some times called Asefa No. 1 washing station on coffee maps) in 2002, a number one in capacity in the region where many educational trainings and demonstrations take place even by the regional authorities. A dry coffee mill in the town was added to help out with milling the natural coffee. Many expansions and certifications works done since then and now it is one of international coffee visitors destinations in the region.



As Asefa follows a very strict business disciplines being gifted from heaven as many people witness about him he started to envision his dreams and for this reason he had to bring close relatives and friends to work with him. Out of many, his younger brother Mulugeta Dukamo who is also a co-founder of Daye Bensa Coffee is the one to mention as he the key role player in expansion and the realisation of washing stations. As a result we operate in six districts called Bensa, Bura, Chabe, Hoko (Girja), Aroressa, Chire ( Before the regional reforms they used to be called Bensa, Chire & Aroressa). We own three coffee farms , 20 washing stations and five mills in total in these areas and one large coffee farm in Kaffa.

Asefa has been awarded number of trophies and certificates of appreciations from local and regional level for supplying sizeable volume and quality coffee to central market and also for his contributions in social and economic developments of the region. Asefa mentored many young people and now they are owning many companies with his valuable advice and also by providing personal guarantees for them to get bank loans as he is very well respected by the banks.


Export Company

Asefa’s vision was far beyond local and national operational boundaries He dreamed to export his own coffee directly from his own washing stations and farms for this reason he set up Daye Bensa Coffee Export Plc with his brother Mulugeta in 2006. He named his company after his local town and the district from where he envisioned an export business. To lead the company with someone who has an international exposure and experience Asefa invite Atrie Weno to join the company quoting his job at HSBC bank in London. The export business became challenging as the Ethiopian commodity exchanged ECX) established and through ECX only trading to take place and forcing not trade own coffee for export purpose. Thanks to the reform made by the government that now allows to export own coffee directly, even exporting someone’s coffee through vertical integration and working with adjacent farmers under the scheme called Out-growers scheme. Daye Bensa coffee owns its own export processing facility with a complete cupping laboratory and professionals in Addis Ababa.

Continuing our journey, our company became one of successful companies in Ethiopia exporting high premium coffee to all continents and major coffee importing countries from Australia to USA. Roasters of our coffee are championing at different competitions. You can find some of the achievements under Awards page.

Kenean, Asefa’s first son who was born in Daye town now became an export manager after being educated and graduated from one of the universities in the USA and the company is now jointly led by first and second generations exporting four to six thousand tons annually.


Asefa Dukamo

As clearly stated by the famous Chinese proverb “ A Journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” our company’s journey started by a single person’s step. A journey was long, tiring and sometimes full of fatigues which tried to hinder the progresses. However, the determination and zeal of the captain of the ship could overcome all turmoils to reach where we are now. Our Captain is a CEO and a founder of Daye Bensa Coffee, Mr Asefa Dukamo Korma.


MuluGeta Dukamo

Mulugeta who is also a co-founder of Daye Bensa Coffee is the one to mention as he the key role player in expansion and the realisation of washing stations. 

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